and the biennale

Please join me to experience the art, culture, and cuisine of Venice. For this special trip designed for the Chairman’s Circle, we have crafted a program to engage art connoisseurs and enthusiasts through exclusive access to well-known museums, landmarks, and private collections.

Venice is stunning in the early fall, and whether you have been many times or this will be your first, you will not want to miss the opportunity to see the City of Canals and the Palladian villas of the nearby mainland, in addition to unique access to some of Europe’s great monuments. We will enjoy private tours, a guided visit showing highlights of the Venice Biennale, and a privileged viewing of the Regata Storica. In addition to the unique access to some of the world's finest visual art, including a private after-hours visit of St. Mark’s Basilica, there will be time set aside for leisure and shopping excursions.

This intimate exploration will be a delightful experience for all participants, and I hope you can join us.