Creating Your Program

Every program we create is customized to the specific client. Nothing is off the rack and we work with the director, curator and development staff to design your ideal itinerary. As a general guideline, the planning process normally begins 9 to 12 months in advance however some institutions begin much sooner and others start to work closer to the date of the trip.

We closely examine the needs of your travelers and listen intently to your focus and goals for the trip. Initial Destination Ideas.

After discussing destination possibilities and your group profile we respond within a week with an Initial Program Grid and costing.

At this point many institutions like to send out a "Save-the-Date" letter to their most important patrons so that they have advance notice. Sometimes this is accompanied by a trip synopsis or may simply refer people to a trip website which we view as far more informative, economical and "green" than any brochure mailing.

For each program we create a personalized travel app and every program is accompanied by experienced Benefactor Travel staff who knows the region and speaks the language.

Finally, for your own benefit, please do not take any travel provider at face value. Ask difficult questions. Benefactor Travel is a fully licensed and fully insured travel company. Sadly, many operators are not. It is up to you to do due diligence for the sake of your travelers.