Benefactor Travel was founded in 1993 by Athlyn Fitz-James and Thomas Hamilton. They continue to lead the company overseeing a highly talented staff fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Dutch.


Contemporary art trips all over the world have become a true specialty of ours over the past 20 years.

Creating Your Program

Every program we create is customized to the specific client. Nothing is off the rack and we work with the director, curator and development staff to design your ideal itinerary. As a general guideline, the planning process normally begins 9 to 12 months in advance however some institutions begin much sooner and others start to work closer to the date of the trip.

Private Access

It is important to make your donors feel extremely privileged. They need to understand that traveling with your institution allows them to do and see things that would be otherwise inaccessible for them.

Our Clients

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Benefactor Travel works with the world's top museums, art galleries and libraries to create custom-designed travel programs at the highest level for the major Benefactors, Trustees, Boards of Directors and Collectors' Councils of these cultural institutions. Many of our trips take place in Europe where our main office is located but we operate all over the world and have run a myriad of programs in The Americas, Asia, Africa, India and Australia.